Why Choose Paintballistics?

There are a number of Paintball Operators in Perth. They all offer varying degrees of service, quality and features. We encourage you to ask the following questions when making your own enquiries and assessing your options:

  • Has the Paintball Park received Council approval?

  • Does the Paintball Park hold a Police Corporate Licence?

  • Does the Operator actually conduct and operate the business from their own land?

  • Do they have a mixture of fields on different terrains - i.e. trees and open fields?

  • Are all paintball supplies available on every field?

  • Do they use semi-automatic guns as standard procedure?

  • Do we receive full-face goggles, padded chest protection (for females) and camos as standard issue?

  • Are we refereed by at least 1 referee per 10 players?

  • Do the referees have Apply First Aid Training and a Police Clearance Certificate?

  • Is accommodation available on site?

  • Are there conference facilities available on site?

  • Can corporate scenario training be arranged?

  • Can transport be arranged if required at a nominal price?

  • Can we do other adventure activities with the same operator?

  • Last but not least are all players covered for $10 million dollars Public Liability with an Australian based Insurance Company?

PAINTBALLISTICS can answer ‘YES’ with confidence to all these questions and more!
The difference between a “good day” and a “great day” is PAINTBALLISTICS.