Field Information

Drum Field
Duck and weave between the drums as you eliminate the opposition and ultimately capture the flag. This is a speed game to initially get you into the spirit of Paintballing. Feel the pain, take the winning shot and capture the flag.

Fort Field
Fend off the attacking players until all players are eliminated. The team in the fort can be shot multiple times but the outer players are out once hit. Teams then swap so both get the “fort” experience.

Speed/Obstacle Field
Again use the obstacles to your advantage as you engage the opposition.

Dam Field
Patrol the undulating bush covered banks around the dam, seek and find the opposition and then eliminate them.

Target Shooting
Hone your shooting skills before you tackle the games. Practice your weapon handling, fire and manoeuvre skills.

Open Terrain
Advance to contact, engage the enemy and take them out! Use the open ground to deploy your forces as you try to outmanoeuvre the opposition tucked away in their bunker.